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About Business Basics

My Story

I am Dr. Tamarra, a wife, mother, SAVY RN-Entrepreneur, and your premier Business Basics Coach. Business Basics was birthed from seeing through social media that many people need help with the BASICS of business, the fundamentals, motivation, and building the confidence that EVERYONE who desires to have a business, SHOULD OWN ONE. 

While some people desire more money, others may desire freedom from the work place, each person's goals aredifferent. My coaching program helps begginer entrepreneurs develop their goals, put plans into action, build self-confidence, and START their businesses. 

Entreprenuership has allowed me enter into real estate, home care, healthcare staffing, e-commerce, and business coaching. My goal is to help YOU identify your passion and TURN IT INTO AN IDEA THAT PRODUCES A PROFIT!



Straight from the Source

Tamarra is an awesome resource and provided me with the courage and motivation to start my business. She is thorough and doesn't "Yes" every idea. She really makes you think about what it Is you are doing and how you can be successful. 

Brandi B.

Whenever I am thinking about a new business idea, I always consult Tamarra. Her vast knowledge in business is unlimited. Even if she isn't experienced in the field, she will find someone with the knowledge and pass it along to you. 

Mary C. 

Laying the foundation and making sure you have a plan is typically the steps people overlook when starting a business, however, that is what Tamarra is good at, she is good at making sure you have planned accordingly and you have a solid foundation. 

Eric S.

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